Oh the irony…

I’ve only just watched this video today from Binyavanga Wainaina today talking to the Guardian last week.

I agree pretty much completely with what he’s saying. His comments about need for actual systemic change instead of liberal guilt but the apparent desire to maintain the patriarchal relationship of ‘aid donor and recipient’, the insanely patronising ‘gap years’, the need for the rest of the world to take their cue from Africa rather than imposing its own agenda etc etc are just some of the reasons (as I mentioned in my last post) that I haven’t bought into development organisations in the UK and why I took the decision to step out of this ‘sector’ and embark on writing this blog. It’s also the reason why I decided to turn down the opportunity to work with the ICS programme again this summer (more about that later).

I’d really love to hear others thoughts on this interview. Should the West just f**k off?


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