Call for inspiration

I’d really like to hear about any organisations that don’t work in international development per se but that campaign for change at an international level from /by ALL countries? Who work to improve global governance and economic systems as a whole and to level the playing field rather than focussing on bringing ‘developing countries’ up to Western standards.

I know there are charities and organisations that do bits of this, but they also operate within the current global economic and power structures and carry out development in the traditional sense of the word. I want an organisation that goes above and beyond this and am struggling to think of any.

All ideas, big or small, would be gratefully received! 



One thought on “Call for inspiration

  1. Not an organisation, but Charles Eisenstein is one of the most Visionary and inspiring people I know and meets your criteria of working to improve global governance and economic systems as a whole.

    His free online book The Ascent of Humanity is the best thing I’ve ever read on how Humanity came to be in the mess it’s in and how we can get out of it.

    His Book and short film Sacred Economics deconstructs the global economic pyramid scheme brilliantly while offering equally brilliant alternatives to it…despite the fact that we’re always being told “there aren’t any”.

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