Want to know the truth about Ebola?

Finally, one might actually believe that SOME of the media are starting to get that people don’t want to hear lies, fabrications and sensationalism any more!

This week, here are some examples of newspapers offering a different and more balanced perspective on ‘the terrorist of diseases’ Ebola.

On Nigeria and how it’s kicked Ebola’s ass (It is worth pointing out that in my opinion many of them are flawed in their patronising register of shock and surprise that a ‘developing’ country has managed to do such a thing):

Nigeria is Ebola-Free: Here’s What They Did Right in TIME

“Keeping borders open. Nigeria has not closed its borders to travelers from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, saying the move would be counterproductive. “Closing borders tends to reinforce panic and the notion of helplessness,” Shuaib said. “When you close the legal points of entry, then you potentially drive people to use illegal passages, thus compounding the problem.” Shuaib said that if public health strategies are implemented, outbreaks can be controlled, and that closing borders would only stifle commercial activities in the countries whose economies are already struggling due to Ebola.”

Nigeria’s hard-earned lesson in quashing Ebola in the Financial Times

“Against the odds, however, public health officials say one of the world’s more chaotic nations has provided an object lesson in how to deal with Ebola. It is a lesson that could prove salutary for western governments scrambling to come up with their own response.”

But then they also let themselves down by publishing this.

Senegal too, is fairing well:

In Conspicuous Success; Senegal is Declared Ebola Free in The New York Times

To be continued…


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