Dear Fellow Humans #GE2015

It’s on a slight tangent, but I wrote this a few weeks ago (not for on here) and decided not to share it because it’s so long self-indulgent. Then the UK elections happened and it felt more poignant than ever, so I changed my mind and it was published by the wonderful ZOD Culture magazine.

The below is an excerpt, you can read the full article here.

“Dear fellow humans,

If you know me, you’ll know I’m passionate about social justice and equality, about regenerating the environment and caring for one another and making mistakes and being truly, honestly, awkwardly, beautifully human. You’ll have seen my rants on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll have watched me squirm and fume in the face of (what I call) bigotry, you’ll have heard me debate and argue, campaign and shout and change my mind and get things wrong and learn and relearn.

Firstly, I know how annoying this must feel sometimes and how being with me, and others like me, can feel like waiting to be told you’re doing something ‘wrong’. I also know that it probably comes across as patronising and holier than thou. And most of all, I know and understand that often it’s hard to hear and easy to ignore.

But although I might seem like I’ve got it all together and sit in my ivory tower passing comment on how the world is operating, and what we ‘should’ all be doing, that’s not my reality.

I’ve just been onto Google to see if there was a word or phrase to describe how I’m feeling today, and in fact how I often feel these days. I searched for ‘feeling depressed about the world’, and immediately was faced with reams of entries from people feeling the same way. I think that, in an era where we’re all at the end of a hotline to everything going wrong, this ‘humanitarian depression’ is a phrase we should coin…”

Read more here and let me know what you think.


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