Accra calling

I’m writing from Accra, Ghana, where I will be spending the month of July writing, reading, learning and listening…

I’ve been here for five days already, dancing, eating, talking, watching and easing into Dumsor (lights out/power cuts).

It’s very easy to get caught up in how much I love Accra life and forget that, at the same, time as hanging out with friends and appreciating (IMO) some of the best music in the world, my time here is precious and I want to be speaking to Ghanaian activists, people, businesses and organisations in the who are passionate about and/or standing up to Western neoliberalism, colonialism and multinational corporations. We’re cooking up a platform in the UK for them to be heard more widely there (which I believe I’ve mentioned before – more details coming soon..).

If you know of anyone or organisations that might be willing to share their story – please let me know ASAP or put them in touch… You can reach me here, or send me a tweet (@devtruths).

I’m also interested in hearing from people in the UK and from around the world who would like to be involved in supporting our ‘campaign’, or just want to find out more.

While I’m here I will be sharing some of the conversations I have with people and some of the observations I make of the city and country.

First feelings

It’s not my first time in Ghana, but already I’ve been met with familiar feelings of indignation about the effects of neoliberalism and colonialism that are so evident here. I hope to delve into this in more detail in later posts, when I can share more from people who have the full experience of what’s going on. In summary, however, over the coming weeks, I will be exploring:

  • British influence here – exactly how much influence does Britain have over Ghana and where does it lie, both in terms of the UK government and British businesses? How is UK aid money being spent? What does this mean?
  • The colonial hangover – what effect has being a ‘former’ British colony had on Ghana and Ghanaians? ‘Whiteness’ in Ghana – what does it mean?
  • Neo-colonialism – how has Britain paved the way for neo-colonialism in Ghana from multinational corporations, the USA and China? How is this affecting the economy, governance and everyday life?  How much corporate power and control of the food system is there in Ghana?
  • Speaking truth to power – what do Ghanaians think of all of the above? Is it welcome? Do they feel they have agency over external influences? If not, who is standing up to it?
  • Why me? What right do I have? A little about responsibility, self-righteousness and why I’m doing this.
  • And whatever else I come across…

I’ll also be going wildly off topic, am madly open to suggestions and will (hopefully) be sharing lots of stories, that are often told, but less frequently heard in the Western world.

I will also be announcing further details of our upcoming event in the UK in October and how you can get involved…

Please do get in touch! And if you are in Ghana or know anyone who might be happy to talk to me, please do let me know. I have the opportunity to write for a couple of different outlets while I’m here, not just on the blog – so it would be wonderful to share important stories.


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