Unpacking the global (capitalist) development agenda

International Festival for Peoples Rights and Struggles (IFPRS 2015)

by DR. AZRA SAYEED, Roots for Equity – Pakistan

The global capitalist system, now suffering from the crisis of overproduction and decreasing profit margins, has gone into a panic mode the result of which have been on one hand the brutal implementation of neoliberal policies and on the other, the wars being carried out by imperialist forces to ensure their control over the natural resources, markets and labour movements across the globe. Indeed, capitalism only has two agendas: one is profit and the other is control – and therefore to control anything that will gain them profit.


The manifestation of the neoliberal policies is the intense militarization of local communities, nations and regions. The globalization era has been marked by the increasing presence of military and para-military forces of our own nations guarding the interest of the international corporations. In addition, there has been occupation of countries such as…

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