Did Amina Tyler steal their voice? Female Body, Sexuality, and Freedom

Really interesting article on ‘transculturation’ that raises important questions for me and for us all.

“One of the most important questions of our time is to investigate the relationship between darstellen and vertreten, i.e. among ‘describing’ or ‘showing’ women’s struggle for human rights, and ‘representing’ them (speaking on behalf of them).

So, to conclude, the question is: how to avoid the ventriloquism of those who suppose that they are speaking on behalf of somebody else? Who decides what is the proper space where women can claim their rights? These questions concern not only western intellectuals or politicians or NGOs, but even those who think that they are speaking on behalf of their ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’: the ‘subalterns’. Otherwise put, is not a matter of sharing the postmodern and relativistic point of view. That position assumes that all values are equal and that there isn’t a supreme authority who can set up a scale of values; whereas the meta-question is about who participates in setting up that scale of values, and how.”


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