Two years on…and thanks

Dear all,

Last week marked two years since I first started this blog – which seems almost unbelievable to me.

I never really had any particular plans for Development Truths (ugh what a name) and I certainly didn’t anticipate it developing into something like this. But along the way I had grand plans to be more consistent (anyone with a blog will tell you that consistency is key to a successful blog ;)) and to be more thorough and to talk about this and that and investigate more and to do incredible amounts of in-depth research and to build a proper website and to stop ranting and to host regular guest posts and many other things besides.

I think it’s quite clear that the vision has yet to become reality, and perhaps it never will- and I think that’s ok. Starting work with The Rules (which feels like an equally valuable use of my time) and life and health and travelling and ‘busyness’ and British oppressive concepts of time got in the way. I’ve been beating myself up about it for months. You have no idea how many times I wanted to write a post or to research or write about this and that: my hard drive is bursting with half-written posts and folders of articles and research. Today however, I feel peaceful. Today I’ve realised that it’s ok. It’s ok to not be where I’d told myself I should be. It’s really ok that this doesn’t look like what ‘success’ looks like – it was never meant to be about ‘success’, or targets, or numbers of visitors, or me. Sure it’s great when people visit and read and engage, but two years ago I began this blog with the intention of having a conversation I couldn’t, at the time, see the ‘mainstream’ having, asking questions and de-learning/learning . Happily, on those terms, i’d say its been a success.

So I’m not going to promise anything today, or revisit articles or posts or moments from the past year. I’m not going to talk about the things I’ve learnt or reconsidered – there have been many. Today I’m simply incredible grateful for my faith in putting one foot in front of the other always and trusting that those little actions move you on. I’m grateful for patience and unfolding. I’m grateful for the ability we humans have to un-teach ourselves many of the things we have been taught and for all the many wise and inspiring seekers, rebels, writers, artists, activists, co-conspirators and inquisitors around the world who I have met along the way who have shared their knowledge and questions and critiques and beautiful alternatives with me. And finally I’m deeply, deeply grateful to you and everyone who has followed or visited the blog and humoured me, even just for a minute – the support, challenges and knowledge that there are many of us with shared feelings and perspectives on the world have been lifesaving.

Much love and appreciation always,