Facing facts – An official hiatus

Hello all,

Remember me? This blog and interactions with the people who have engaged with me over the past few years about what I’ve been exploring has changed by life and my perspective immeasurably. I am still deeply committed to the conversations I attempted to have (and was successful in having) by starting this blog, and still maintain a burning desire to write and learn more and more.

However, in reality and honesty, I feel so incredibly overwhelmed at the moment, with world and personal events and feeling pulled in multiple directions with how I might best contribute to dismantling oppressive global systems of neoliberalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and neocolonialism and allowing beautiful, life-giving alternatives to flourish. I am working as part of /The Rules collective (www.therules.org – new website needed and on its way soon!), am feeling guilty about how much work there is to do on British Empire State of Mind (http://www.britishempirestateofmind.co.uk/), writing poetry (my first 🙂 and more to come I hope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IW4c9VNRYM), taking direct action, and supporting others on a number of other projects related to publishing, the arms trade, racism, domestic violence etc etc…AND subject the tyranny of technology, which has become somewhat of an unwanted addiction 😦 And I realise that I need to start being honest (to honour both myself and those I have committed myself to and to preserve my health which has suffered) about my capacity and how much I am able to do. I so want to do everything, but obviously that’s impossible – so I want to be more intentional, present and clear about what I can and want to spend my time doing.

Essentially, that has led me to take the decision to put this blog on hiatus for the foreseeable future, until the day when perhaps I will return to it and give myself the time to do it justice, instead of having it hanging over me – which it is – I still take copious notes about articles I’d like to write, but don’t give myself time to complete them. I’d also love someone else to continue to write if the idea speaks to them and they’d like to continue with the conversation (get in touch). I will continue to address the issues discussed here through my work with /The Rules, through my poetry and with British Empire State of Mind and, of course, in daily life.

For now, I just want to thank everyone who has visited the page, read and shared posts, got in touch and supported me in any way in this endeavour – I’m more grateful for the ability to explore the way the world has been ‘working’ with you than you can ever know. Please continue to get in touch with me as I’ll still be receiving messages from the page and I do hope to return to this in future (or that the death of neoliberalism will come quickly and I won’t have to!).

Here’s to continued questioning, listening and learning.

All my love and gratitude, and until soon,