Petition: ‘Walter Rodney: Even Death Cannot Silence Him’

Walter Rodney’s 1980 assassination remains a most traumatising political murder in Guyana’s history.  A proper investigation into the death of the pre-eminent scholar, historian, activist and author of How Europe Underdeveloped Africa was evaded by both the largely Afro-Guyanese supported PNC and Indo-Guyanese supported PPP governments until 2014, when the formal WRCOI started work.

Rodney’s political teaching exposed the exploitative nature Guyana’s historic ethnic Indian/African conflict.  His renowned work and legacy in Guyana endured sufficiently to curb racial voting for the first time in 50 years, thus enabling the win of the new David Granger cross-racial coalition government.  Yet Guyana’s new government has refused to allow the Commission a final two weeks to complete the investigation for transparently political reasons.

We demand that the Commission be allowed to finish its long-awaited task and particularly, to hear from the remaining key witnesses. 

This plea has been supported by all three commissioners, the lawyers representing Rodney’s party the Working People’s Alliance, his brother Donald Rodney and the rest of the Rodney family.  A new dispensation for the Commission could resolve previous abuses.  All Guyanese need and deserve a completed inquiry into this atrocity, both to unearth the truth and to promote healing and reconciliation.

Please sign the petition on to demand that the commission be allowed to finish it’s task. Please also share this with friends and colleagues.

Walter Rodney is a visionary, an inspiration to many and a strong and important voice.

Thank you.

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“Government ministers should not disparage and denigrate it; Cabinet should govern.”  Statement issued by the Justice for Walter Rodney Committee on the halting of the WRCOI, 1 September 2015.