Posting this shit. AGAIN.


Posting this shit. AGAIN. Another black child murdered at the hands of ‘law enforcers’. What law; whose law are they enforcing?

What law says it’s ok to shoot a 17-year-old in the back 16 times? 16 times.

This is inhuman. The US media and government (as here in the UK) try to scare the shit out of us painting terrorism as brown men and women who are attacking ‘our values’, while they weave fairytales about state-sanctioned, paid and trained, trigger-happy, racist terrorism going on ON A DAILY BASIS.

We can’t just keep sharing these atrocities on social media and saying‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬. When are governments going to start caring about keeping ALL of their citizens alive instead of allowing them to die like this, whilst bombing the shit out of those living in other countries?

Governments aren’t going to change any time soon and these actions are just a symptom of a system that does and always has ‘prioritised’ (for want of a better word) whiteness (and please remember that I’m not attacking all white individuals but a system, just as when I talk about patriarchy I’m not attacking all men as individuals, but a system – one we all live in and have done for hundreds of years, so much so that it can be sometimes difficult to even see it. That’s not to deny that there ARE individuals who commit horrendous acts – like this police officer, but I’m talking to you, reading this, living in the same system as me) and it’s up to us, all of us, to see this, name it and tear it down.

If you want me to explain this more or feel personally hurt by my words then I do honestly understand that and I’m happy to talk about it further. I’m not trying to just upset people, I want you to be angry that things like this are happening but I don’t want people to feel personally attacked, just responsible, aware and galvanised to take action. I do genuinely want to learn more about how people feel about things like this and how we can get past feelings of shame, hurt and discomfort around issues like race so we can actually do something about it. It’s an ongoing process and I know it’s not straightforward.